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MacDonald, Kevin C.
Patterson Law
Email: kcmacdonald@pattersonlaw.ca
Phone: (902)-405-3312
MacDonald, Gordon
The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company
Email: gordon.macdonald@scotiaprivateclient.com
Phone: 902-420-2295
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MacKay, Wanda
BMO Private Banking
Email: wanda.mackay@bmo.com
Phone: 902-421-3296
MacKenzie, Megan
Sealy Cornish Coulthard
Email: mmackenzie@scclaw.ca
Phone: 902-466-2500
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MacKinnon, Andrew
SBW Wealth Management & Employee Benefits
Email: amackinnon@sbwdirection.com
MacLeod, Earl
WBLI Chartered Accountants
Email: emacleod@wbli.ca
Phone: 902-493-5468
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MacMaster, Keith
Scotiabank Global Asset Management
Email: keith.macmaster@scotiabank.com
Phone: 902-579-7123
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MacPherson, Noreen A.
TD Wealth Advisory Services
Email: noreen.macpherson@td.com
Phone: 496-6776
March, Ruth C.L.
Email: rmarch@kpmg.ca
Phone: 492-6000
Mason, Mary L
Your Estate Matters Ltd.
Email: marymason@yourestatematters.ca
Phone: 902-233-1798
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Matthews, Timothy C.
Stewart McKelvey
Email: tmatthews@smss.com
Phone: 420-3325
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McIsaac, Christena
Stewart McKelvey
Email: cmcisaac@stewartmckelvey.com
Phone: 902-420-3200
Moore, Heath
Grant Thornton
Email: heath.moore@ca.gt.com
Phone: 902-491-7750
Murray, Gary B.
CIBC Trust
Email: gary.murray@cibc.com
Phone: 758-4525

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